Super Alexabooster v1.10

After the success of the beta version 1.03 , Version 1.10 now Became available

Super Alexa Boosteris here to help you with one of the biggest asset and that’s traffic!

The Super Alexa Booster software will boost your Alexa rankings but it will also help increase your Google listings as well!

When Google indexes your site, it will see in your log that you are receiving loads of hits thus giving your site more listing results simply because the Googlebot thinks your site must be relevant so it increase your results! To sum it up the Super Alexa Booster will help increase your online business!

Last Updated: 22-10-2009
Version: v1.10
License: FREE
Trial Period: UNLIMIT
File size: 1500 kB
Operating System: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows CE,Vista,win7


If you have msg say demo download this file and used and it will work

147 comments on “Super Alexabooster v1.10
  1. jack says:

    thanx saif it is work

  2. Etkaa Murali says:

    You have done an amazing job. I have also clicked on ads to get you some reward. I also want to contribute a donation. Can you guide me how to do it?

    I would also request you to make me understand the advanced settings in step 2. Kindly contact me on email

  3. Raul says:

    Thankz a lot works like a charm…

  4. Scubadu says:

    Seems to work pretty good for what I need it for. I let it run overnight and had 550 unique clicks from the proxy list last night. I’m going to try and get a bigger proxy list tonight and try again. I also figured out a safe way to use this for getting better rankings instead of using this program as it was intended. Thank you very much for keeping and modifying this great software and making it free!!!


  5. محمد says:

    يا ريت لو فيه قائمة ايبيات جديده لأنو القديمه معظمها مش شغال ومشكورين جدا عالبرنامج الراقي

    • admin says:

      ساقوم بتجديد القائمه اليوم اذهب الي step 2 في البرنامج وقم بضغط علي اب ديت

  6. Veeraphan says:

    This program is the best. Small size but full Quality. Thank you so much.

  7. Donald says:

    Hi Admin ,,,

    Great Stuff You ve here .. Excellent How Ever it works very slow

    So I am asking Would You do it for me and I will pay You ..

    Tell me The Price & How You would like to be paid .. !!

    Thank You So Much.

  8. Beto says:

    Incredible job man! U put food on my table 🙂


  9. anthony says:

    The program works great, I used an affiliate link and shorten it , whcih tracks hits so I could see how many hits i hot a day! But, the only thing it ask me for a password and told me the trial version is finished, it ask me to order! There is no where to order , no of the links work! hmmmm…… wants going on?

  10. PatrickB says:

    From 02/07 till 02/23 from 6,661,844 to 2,818,414
    All the Alexa statistics are below.

    But the traffic mainly comes from my country (the Netherlands)
    Today, 97,2 percent of my traffic from the Netherlands and my Alexa ranking in NL: 33,187.
    Is that regular?
    I am afraid to be penalized for that from Google!
    As well no track of the traffic in Google Analytics and Hittail.

    P.S. I try to do it in a conservative way. rond 15 hits an hour and I leave the pc working the whole day (24 hours). I restart Super Alexa Booster almost every day and I make a new update of the proxy list. As well my own list of the best keywords is added. List done with info from google analytics, hittail and Alexa.
    I am using the beta version. The last version should be perhaps beter.

    02/07 6,661,844
    02/08 6,658,394
    02/09 6,663,935
    02/10 6,681,062
    02/11 5,930,900
    02/12 5,367,632
    02/13 4,903,457
    02/14 4,503,790
    02/15 4,099,943
    02/16 3,786,323 and 58,161 from the Netherlands. I discovered that this day
    02/17 3,793,820 and 58,293
    02/18 3,579,289 and 51,617
    02/19 3,392,106 and 46,270
    02/20 3,335,162 and 41,383
    02/21 3,162,078 I missed it
    02/22 2,970,138 and 36,689
    02/23 2,818,414 and 33,187

  11. أخوي ممكن تضيفني بغيتك بشغلة مهمة جداً

  12. علي فكرة واضح إن البرنامج جامد جداً .. بس المشكلة إن كل الزوار من نفس آي بي جهازي أنا مع إني عامل كل حاجة زي شرح الفيديو بالظبط

    ياريت تقول هل ده شئ طبيعي ؟

    • admin says:

      هاده مش برنامج عشان يحسب زوار وظيفة البرنامج يخفض ترتيب اليكسا سوءا بزائر واحد او مليون زائر من نفسالاي بي او كل واحد من اي بي
      يعني اهم اشي تستخدم البرنامج لمدة اسبوع يوميا اذا ما لقيت نتيجه واضحه راجع شرح الفيدوا والشرح المرفق او اتوقف عن استخدام البرنامج
      ملاحظه : اذا نفذت الشرح بتفصيل فما في مجال غير انوا الترتيب ينزل بنسبة 25-10 % علي الاقل اول اسبوع

  13. Văn Khải says:

    Hi Admin !!
    xài phần mềm này , 1 ngày chạy mấy tiếng vậy Admin , thx

  14. Someone says:

    It is a bad joke !!!
    The program does not update the proxy list (error message) and it gives only few hits.

  15. kent says:

    “Someone” don´t say what u dont know, the program works really really great!Its amazing;

  16. علاء says:

    اخي لماذا برنامج اليكسا النسخ الثلاث جميعها لا ترسل الى موقعي اكثر من 60 انا الان 60 نقرة لدي في البرنامج والزوار 2 فقط شو المشكلة ممكن الرد ارجو الرد لانه اريد اخفض ترتيب موقعي في اليكسا وهل استطيع فتح اكثر من برنامج

  17. سلام عليكم


    انا حملت برنامج الي يجيب لي زوار ينزل ترتيبي في اليكسا هو برنامج شي حلو اشكر شكر خااص للي مسوي طريقه وربي كويسه روعه بنفس وقت
    انا حملت برنامج وكل شي

    حطيت رابطي موقعي الي هو اوكي سويت موفق وكل شي اشوف يطلع لي نفس رقم الايبي يترك يتغير كل شوي يعني قاعد يمشي وصل الحين فوق 600 يتغير الارقام وكل شي يعني ع كذا زوار يدشوون ولا انا ماابعرف للبرناامج اذا معليكم امر تعلموني اخوكم فهد الشمري


  18. hamza says:


    شكرا لك على البرنامج بس للاسف ماعاد يشتغل معي مثل الاول نرجو

    شرح هل هناك من تغييرات؟

  19. Peter says:

    When i install, it succesfully install but with access voilation error, jpeg file also not exisit, cannot load. I try install 1.10 in both windows xp and windows 7, all cannot working.

    Please help. if your software got problem?

  20. Peter says:

    When i install, it succesfully install but with access voilation error, jpeg file also not exisit, cannot load. I try install 1.10 in both windows xp and windows 7, all cannot working.

    Please help. if your software got problem?


  21. Peter says:

    i think this website owner are busy asking people to buy his script only.

    he did not even border to answer the question that we post.

    I have receive no reply from him until today

    • admin says:

      Sorry I can not answer your questions anymore because of the previous reply

      i answer your question in November 24th, 2010 – 17:19 !!!
      if you can not see that this is your problem man !!

      I did not ask you to purchase the program and even if you purchase the program will not work with you because you have a problem outside the the program did not occur with one another if the problem of you pc used by the virus or any othere thing i do not know it will be my problem if another user have the same problem

  22. Peter says:

    ok, but i have try 2 different pc with different os.still noluck. one is windows xp, another is windows 7. both also just fresh windows installation only.

  23. demoon says:

    my alexa 24.078.456
    how it later..

    just thanks

  24. Peter says:

    the referrals.txt

    can i just put , etc ?

  25. abaid says:

    hi, what is difference between free & advanced version. I am using free version at the moment. Unfortunately, my server log is not showing up any hits!! what is the problem?

    • admin says:

      The advanced version features
      – Increased Effectiveness by 40%
      – More Support Keywords in the 50%
      – Increase the types of browser by 50%
      – Increase the number of proxies by 100% for the free version
      – Updated proxies every 48 hours


      1 – Your internet connection slow or stop Always ,or u use proxy connect to the Internet or u PC supplied use proxe (I have the same problem in the home PC)
      2 – Make sure the googel-keyword file exists if you use random visits from the advanced options
      3 – Try to use up other lists of proxies
      4 – send your visits to other Pages in u site
      — Try using version 1.03 of the program
      You can also run the same program more than once in the same time and send visits in the to a different page with different proxis list
      -when reach 150 when you restart the program will not send the same proxies

      -Speed of the hits good, and the acceleration can damage the site’s more than that improves
      -No requirement to pay for use of the program it’s free
      If you want to donate to support the next version of the program, I Thank you very much
      I am sorry for bad English language

  26. mimy says:

    hi…i run this program now and i have question, after 50 hits should i stop? sould my run on all day? if i want to use this program again to the same blog, what should i do? should i do like the first time? submit blog name, and hit start or hit re-start or hit update? i really hope you can answer my question


  27. Kressly says:

    I am running it for some days now but my alexa rank has not changed. I want to be sure that it is truly working to buy the avanced version. Can someone tell me what to do. It is urgent. I am wating for that to buy the advanced.


  28. المشكلة بتاعتي بقى ان البرنامج كان شغال زي الفل وفجاة اصبح غير فعال بالمرة وبيرجع الترتيب بالالف يوميا بشكل ملفت للانتباة رغم اني اقوم بتشغيلة لساااااااعااااات طويلة جدا اكثر من 5 او 6 ساعات يوميا
    فما الذي حدث ؟

    • admin says:

      مرحبا عزيزي البرنامج كماقلت قبل ذلك في الردود لا يستطيع ان يجعل موقعك اسوء
      ومعني ذلك ان البرنامج اذا لم يكون مفيد لموقعك فلن يضر
      بنسبه لمشكلتك فهناك اسباب عديده ممكن ان تكون السبب
      -برامج الاني فايوس
      -برامج سيرفرات توزيع النت
      -خلل في اتصالك بالنترنت
      -خلل في نظام تشغيل جهازك
      لكن كل هذه المشاكل سوف توقف تحسين موقعك لكن ان تقوم برفع ترتيب موقعك فهذه مستحيل
      يجب عليك مراجعة موقعك بدقه فمن اسباب المشاكل في الترتيب
      وجود فيروسات علي الموقع
      وجود سبام وان جوجل حذف ارشفتك
      سيرفر موقعك يتوقف بشكل مستمر
      حاول تشغيل البرنامج من جهاز اخر مع قائمة بروكسيات جديده واخبرني عن التطورات

    • Latoya says:

      As a CL, we were told by management to have the enumerators resign or we would terminate them for &#n;202performa8ce” issues so they couldn’t collect unemployment. Given the options, most of my enumerators resigned.

  29. afendie says:

    its work!!!… thx a lot…

  30. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ..
    انا ابي شخص يعرف للبرنامج ذا ومستعد اعطيه حقه . واللي يبيـه . بس اهم شي يعلمني طريقة البرنامج كيف . وهل هو فعاال ام لا .. اتمنى الرد السريـع .. وياليت يكون التواصل بالمسن حتى افهم اكثر

    • admin says:

      وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاتو
      بنسبه لشرح البرنامج ارجو منك ان تشاهد الفيدوا التوضيحي
      بنسبه لهل هو فعال ام لا فهو فعال بنسبة 79 % حسب ردود من قام بتجريبوا
      طبعا من وجهة نظري البرنامج فعال 100 % لكن لاكون موضوعي ف ثلث مستخدمين البرنامج لم يالفهم الحظ بنتيجه جيده لاسباب اكثرها عدم العمل بالتعليمات

      بنسبه لتواصل فيمنك سؤال ما تشاء هنا وسيتم الرد عليك بكل سرور
      اما الدعم عبر البريد فيقدم مجانا لكل من قام بشراء النسخه المدفوعه

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  32. NNAD says:

    Thanks for your share…!!!

  33. Ricky says:

    Thansks you so much .

  34. ro2a says:

    good jop i think so

  35. herdy says:

    I like it. amazing

  36. herdy says:

    i like this software

  37. Bo says:

    Last 100 records are dumped !!
    How can i fix it ?

  38. Jamie Quint says:

    what does the HITS: section mean?
    it keeps jumping from 1-2-3 and back to zero
    it never gets higher than 3

  39. Jamie Quint says:

    the program freezes up after running or 10-20 mins
    it says “Loading Alexa Information, please hold……”
    I have to stop the program and re start the program
    then it runs again for 10-20 mins and freezes up again
    this happens on all three computers I have it installed on.
    please help

  40. abdollah says:

    i download (update) new proxy list but all of ip concatinate with each other!

  41. abdollah says:

    can u implement trafic sharing method too???
    ur customers can share ur web sites between each other and share tarfics.

    sorry i cant speak eng. well lol.

  42. Software says:

    i like this software, thx for share.

  43. aghani says:

    Sir can you tell me super alexa booster why we use i am newly client on internet so please guide me about super alexa booster software and what is the future of super alexa booster please help me good detail share me

  44. Aladiw says:

    why in your program now in field “Ranking :” stil no data, blank no result of Alexa ranking..
    can you update your program now..

  45. alex says:

    good job with that program 🙂

  46. Randy says:

    I started to use your program 6 days ago. I had ‘No Rank’ in Alexa because the website was brand new. Now that it has been 6 days, my Alexa rank is 2,680,727. That is a HUGH drop in just 6 days for a site and domain that is only 6 days old.

    Thanks for the program, it works very well 🙂 I am very happy with the results so far. I will continue to use it to see how low I can get it lol.

    I have clicked many of your ads to help you make some money, and I may also purchase the PRO version. Can you post some screen shots of the pro version?

  47. fchadon says:

    Got a high drop once use it on one website and grow from another. Some user report this too. Any idea ?

    Regarding proxy, is file are reload each hour or such or i need update each day for keep fresh proxy list (text file is update several time per day)


  48. Last one hour i have been seeking how to improve alexa rank at last i found the free software when install it working hope let’s oon my alexa rank will change, anyway thanks for the share and software friend.

  49. ttd online says:

    From one friend suggestion i have been using the alexa booster reall it works alot thanks for it.

  50. Bob says:

    May 15 25,156,496
    17 25,180,382
    18 25,189,998
    20 195808
    23 167213
    24 187569
    26 271867
    28 262163
    29 192306
    30 381847
    June 1 575648
    2 584621
    3 585232
    4 527194
    5 518394
    6 583654
    As you can see I used your program as you suggested for 3 weeks and I went from 25,156,496 to 25,583,654. Your program distroyed my raking. Alexa must have figured it out. If your advance system works then because of the tremendous hurt your system did to my site you should give me a free copy and I’ll try it out but I have to stop using your system. Based on my results your advance system maybe bad also so purchasing it is not on the table.

  51. I am looking to boostup my alexa rank 🙁

  52. fulook says:

    Hi! As you charge me in the position 50 Mil of Alexa Rank?

    Please contact me

  53. ali says:

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  54. Emerson says:

    I want to thank you for the great tool you’ve shared. I’m here to serve!

  55. FederaL says:

    Selam diye sitem var bunu kullanıyorm ama trafikde hiç değime yok günlük sadece 100 hiti geçmiyor yardımcı olurmusunuz ne gerekiyorsa

  56. I really like it when people get together and share opinions.

    Great site, keep it up!

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  66. Mo Ali says:

    Salam Admin,

    I have updated my keyword list and save it, i have also updated the proxys list, by clicking auto update. I have clicked start, ive had it on for nearly 3 hours, ive had only 51 hits so far.

    why is it so slow, do i need to change my settings on my computer anywhere. i have 30 meg internet with virgin. so where am i going wrong????

  67. AhrimanSefid says:

    Hi Not Work For Me.
    Not Show Rank Alexa And Not Add Rank my site.
    Me Send Email plz check Mail.

  68. Pronos says:


    Does this software support for alexa local rank? I mean, targeting to country rank.


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  70. Mahapurna says:

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  71. Jak says:

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  74. jamet says:

    Hello, are the proxies still being updated for the paid version of alexabooster 1.10 ??

  75. hey!!! does it still work??

  76. where the alexa data is suppose to show,mine is showing NO DATA

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