Before you use the program Put your rank here

Hello my friends  downloaded the program has more than 20 thousand people and dozens of messages I receive weekly experiencing effectively  of the program, but to study well the results of the program Can you help me
I just want everybody before use super alexa booster 1.03 or 1.10  to a put  arranged daily, weekly, monthly and overall alexa rang  before using the program,  and after a week or two let us know the results  on this post and this will be a great support for the program

exp: on-site/

Yesterday: 50, 000

7 day: 70,000

1 month: 60,000

3 month:78,000

This is

A week later got put in the same subject
And   if did not notice any difference, we can help you

For best results, run the program every day for a week

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428 comments on “Before you use the program Put your rank here
  1. abiazka says:

    For best results, run the program every day for a week

    you mean 7 x 24 hours?

    how to add my own proxy list?

    • admin says:

      1-2 horus in day
      to add list go to step 2
      “add list”

      • Marcuz says:


        I have been using this program for quite a while and it seems like it is making my ranking go up instead of dropping it. I was just wondering what is the difference between the free version and the advanced version? If the free version of your system is making our rankings go up instead of making it drop, will the advanced version of this system not do the same thing also? Please advise.

        Thank you

    • dana says:

      new page

      it says no data available!!!!

    • Marcuz says:

      I have been using this program for quite a while and it seems like it is making my ranking go up instead of dropping it. I was just wondering what is the difference between the free version and the advanced version? If the free version of your system is making our rankings go up instead of making it drop, will the advanced version of this system not do the same thing also? Please advise.


  2. hh says:

    my alexa today : 915926
    last night :

  3. admin says:

    my alexa todat 47,871
    alexa month 56,294
    3 month :73,524 down down down

  4. Joe Calhoun says:

    I forgot to put it in but the rank when I first started was 1,866,677 and now it is down to 1,299,415 and I have only been using it intemittently.

  5. My Alexa Rank b4 using it – 1,598,428 yesterday I used it it gave me about 3000+ hits as shown in the dialog box of the software..but till not there is no update in alexa..also my analytics rankings are not including the hits..

    • admin says:

      u can not see the hits in analytics
      it like googel bot hits
      1-2 horus in day for 7 day and u will see big change

      • Lynsey says:

        Wow Katharina it looks like you had an amazing time hun…Ooh it would be so much fun if I could of joined you…or maybe you could do the big stamp show here in the UK (London) next yerv!..haae fun playing hun…big hugs Vicky xx

  6. No change it increased to 1,702,000 🙁

  7. kankuro says:

    hello! I used it for almost 2 two days fast and i see the result from 6,978,493 it downs to 6,375,002 this software is really really really great and awesome. Thanks a lot for a brilliant mind of the creator of this wonderful software…

  8. it didnt work to me,how i can use this software?

  9. mike says:

    3,628,924 Alexa Rank

    Will update in a few Days.


  10. Laurentiu says:

    My alexa now it is 384,189!

    I will use the program until 4 January without stoping the PC, only 10 minutes for a restart of the computer per day!

    Whish me luck!

    Cheers and Marry Christmas!


    • Roxanna says:

      Thank you so much for providing an extrlordinariay wonderful opportunity here. It is always very fantastic and full of a good ideas for me personally and for my office acquaintances. We visit your website more than 3 times every week to see the new blog posts you provide. I’m actually fascinated with the mind-blowing concepts you give. I’ve selected 4 facts in this posting that are really the most beneficial any of us have found.

  11. Wan Arif says:

    hi i put my 20,010,590 this is my rank today.. i hope after using this my rank can be down fast.. so i will updated to your all after i using this product…

  12. admin says:

    Whish all luck

  13. ZuzooVn says:

    hey, i have a problem with step 1:
    How can i add 100 or more links in the software if i do it by manual. Is it impossible?
    Can u change from add the link to add the file .txt which includes many links?
    I think this will be suitable for every user

  14. HBK says:

    my alexa rank has dropped 🙁

    was 13,796,296

    today 13,823,685

    • admin says:

      need more than one day
      try it 10 day and see your rank

      the tool can not make the rank dropped !!!
      it can downs it only

  15. alexa rank today: 277,200 for

    Will let you know in a couple of days.

  16. gotblackhat? says:

    The Alexa numbers for the site I’m using it for are not accurate because it receives about 1,000 unique pageviews per day. But after using your software the numbers are getting worse, not better. After using it for four days in a row the number has gotten higher day by day:

    17 Jan: 7,295,705
    21 Jan: 7,342,066

  17. mac says:

    14-1-2010: 2,255,214
    20-1-2010: 1,011,522

    thanx man

      • Kaylin says:

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  18. Jannie says:

    MY SIte:
    25/01/2010 – 10,977,023

    • Wilma says:

      This is really innrseetitg, You are an excessively skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and sit up for searching for more of your great post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

  19. HBK says:

    how long does it take for the rank to improve?

    mine is dropping.

    was 7,770,502

    now 7,799,531

  20. attayaya says:

    i’ll try for now
    i hope it work

  21. HBK says:

    Used it for a week. Did not work.

  22. E says:

    befor i started it 2,165,826

    after i had it running for 2 days with a good proxy list that i had on hand

    so i think this app no longer works
    i say they know & they r blocking it some how.

    if you do come out with an update then send me an e-mail

    • admin says:

      “after i had it running for 2 days ”

      2 days
      what i can say !
      read the other comment plz

      • Raf says:

        Hi i am using same software not sure why you seem to be having problems.

        Leave at 1000 per house and right click to open same software agin.

        then you will have 2 running at same time and change setting to Google and refrerral for each one ok.

        Take around 3 or 4 days sometimes less if you have a good ranked site.

        Good luck

    • Frankie says:

      Olá Flávio, obrigado pelo comentário.Fico contente pelo reconhecimento do valor do blog, e consequentemente dos artigos:)Espero que consiga encontrar aquilo que precisa para melhorar o seu bem-estar e a sua vida em geralEstou disponível para esclarecer qualquer dúvida que teSha.norte.Abraço Responder07/05/2011

  23. Raf says:

    Hello I would like to thank you for the great software.
    I have 10 sites running at the moment with 8 tabs open
    Work great I have split the sites in to equal where possible and run for around 10 hours.
    Its seems to take around 3 to 4 days max to get traffic rank if you don’t have any.

    1. Jumped up from 23 million to 6 million
    2. Jumped up from 17 million to 6 million
    3. Jumped up from 14 million to 7 million
    4. 7 sites did not have a traffic rank now have around 7 million each

    I have 10 tabs just open same software and change the setting on it.
    Thank you for your help with this software I have saved thousands of pounds getting traffic rank and ranking on sites.
    I will be running software for around 3 to 5 months to improve as much as possible,
    Thank you again

  24. randy says:

    So, it is like a virtual hits? Even when I check it on hits, It show nothing

    • kenny reigh says:

      No they are not really virtual because you can’t see them…because my website tracks the hits to the page, so they are as good as real.

    • Roby says:

      When we found out my husband had a brain tumor and would need surgery, a friend gave me Jesus Calling and those devotions helped me so much to &#f2f0;su82er well” and trust God through it all. This year will be my third year going through it and it’s as powerful as the first time.

  25. HELMI says:

    i can use it in my blog

  26. hinomaru says:

    Today i use this software with current rank 125,750
    We’ll see next result in a couple days… 🙂

  27. My rank now 16,006, 414 will keep updated.

    • Stormy says:

      You know, I do understand the necessity of using abeatvirbions and whatnot in fields that limit the number of characters in an entry. But for f*cks sake you’re writing an article. Stop spelling like a moron; you simply appear more ignorant.

  28. Colin says:

    My rank now 1,419,157 for will keep you updated.

  29. I think it not work anymore and only make our alexa rank droped. I use for 3 days. my alexa rank from 1802289 and in third day my alexa rank 1803943.
    Before I use alexa booster, I promote my website use autosurf and ads at ptc site everyday and my alexa rank always better everyday.
    but after use alexa booster and I still promote my website use autosurf and ads at ptc site my alexa rank dropped. I can’t imagine if I keep use alexa booster for 10 days.

    • admin says:

      ok do no use it >> 3 day “alexa update 72 h lol

      • arief darmawan says:

        no admin. Alexa update 24 hours, install alexa toolbar and you can find they update every 24 hours. I report this not to againts You but to report the result. Please use this report to make you evaluate alexa booster and make update for this software. Ok admin….Piss.

        • admin says:

          1-2 horus in day for 7 day and u will see big change
          24-48-72 and 5 day will not enough also
          you need 7-15 day
          and top 100.000 alexa update 6-12-24 h
          but the with with six number rank get update 72h and sometime it take weak to see any thing
          In the end, something important if program did not improve your site it can not make it worse >> fact
          Because it`s job send visits by use proxys only that all .
          Thank you for your note

  30. Ok. admin. I’ll try your suggestion.
    I hope it work.

  31. It’s Ok if in step 2 I choose default proxy list ?

  32. neody says:

    im using it wth my blog

    but histat on my blog cant view my visitor..
    but on my domain, i can view +1000 visitor when i used alexa booster.

    how about it?

    sorry for my bad english

    • admin says:

      sorry for my bad english 2
      SAB work for but u will not see the visitor like googel bots

  33. vivek says:

    my current pagerank is 28896

  34. afiq says:

    yesterday(2/5/10) : 12,467,287

    Today(4/5/10) : 6,467,746

    Tell me what ?


    9/10 Given 🙂

  35. jchawaii says:

    current rank for one of my sites 645,026

  36. sumusiko says:

    this is stupid it says 1000 hits got like 30 views -_- which i bet werent from alexa

  37. arofreedoor says:

    2010/5/21 arofreedoor mark

    Alexa 10042527 (now)

    3 PC run this software. everyday for 8 hours

    lets see the results

  38. An says: this is mine will let you know if this works, as of now no rank for this and i dnt know how to know the rank for a subdomain on alexa. thank you.

  39. rTR says:

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,021,954
    this is the current rank
    hope this works, so basically it would take around 10 days to take effect?

  40. adleee84 says:

    hi, i need help…i tested the booster on my blog and monitor the hits by using histat. but it has no hits at all…

    can someone help me

  41. roche says:

    yes i have the same probleme in my blog but i think that this software is only for !!

  42. Nafhan says:

    ok all … thanks for the proggie.
    first time i check my site still on 20K++ on alexa
    i use it 3 times when i sleep its about 5 – 6 hours
    and now a month after i use alexa booster. my site going down into rank
    not bad and not good but excelent 🙂


  43. raed says: 1,367,502

  44. Lex says:

    Not so bad

  45. Ryannoah says:

    I just came across this. I will start using this today. Thanks for the info. The present rank : 6,346,327

  46. been using for a few days Works great my ranking improved alot.However now when i go to add a new proxy list is say not forund and i am doing it same was as before.. I have also reloaded it any ideas?


  47. Andy says:

    Started Today With my 2 Sites:

    Site 1 – 2,778,339 Rating
    Site 2 – 9,497,341 Rating

    Will let you know how it goes in a few days!
    Thanks for the software.

  48. Bryan says:

    My site is at 12,431,930

    Lets see how it goes!

  49. rebornishard says:

    i click update but it said can’t connect to internet
    my rank now :16.428.813
    i will report it later , btw thanks Admin

  50. Chris says:

    I’ve tried this for a complete week now…
    And my rank has gone up.
    This is bogus.
    I was 272k last week and up to 278k this week…
    I’ve had more visitors this week than usual, but Alexa must be punishing us for this.
    Don’t trust it.

  51. Chris says:

    289K today
    Definitely not worth trying. I think Alexa is punishing for it. It’s not under the radar now, if it ever was

    • Hester says:

      The triangle is also located off the Puerto Rico trench- an area of the world with the least amount of gravity which could explain the numerous mecacnihal problems and crashes that have occurred here.

  52. Hasbooloh says:

    Now I have not received the version Advanced version in my paypal MAIL

    • admin says:

      hi plz Check your junk mail
      If you find a message that contains the copy of Advanced version
      sent the Unique Transaction ID to the e-mail :
      And I will resend the Program once again

  53. issam says:

    this is my site web and i have 0 pagrank and thnx for

  54. nadya says:

    today is 1 502 288

  55. A Very Good Rank Maker. I also want to be in the TOP RANK.

  56. zach says:

    how to get the new proxy list?

  57. getipa says:

    today 82136 will update tomorrow, thx for now

  58. Skeptic says:

    I am very skeptical of this. I’ve been using it for a few days now and my rank is actually getting worse. Also, I check my stats and look at my hits, and I do not see that this program is actually hitting my site at all. It could say that it’s sent 100 hits, and my site will say that there is only 1 hit…and it’s not even from the program, it’s from me. I say this DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.

    • Skrewed says:

      ME TOO! I have been using V1.10 and my alexa ranking got WORSE!

      After 2 weeks of running it (and doing it at night, so it mimics my sites REAL traffic rhythm) My ranking on 6 sites has INCREASED by 1, Million on my best/oldest sight? And Bing just threw me to a ZERO on 3 of my sights?

  59. clln says:

    My site is today 1,105,419 , i will check it tomorrow thanks for now

  60. jose says:

    Hi, my site today is Traffic Rank: 930,875 Traffic Rank in ES: 39,697

  61. Vitul Goyal says:

    my site’s alexa rank
    one month : 199691
    three months : 172998

    and its going down everyday.. have been running super alexa booster for past 1 week on 2 different computers(on different internet connections) but still nothing is happening… 🙁

  62. Rizky Akbar says:

    Hello, wanna try this SAB. My Alexa Rank : 2,665,403. Hope that is my money at bank account :))

  63. Alvaro says:

    today my alexa rank 1052300

  64. alvaro says:

    today alexa shows 353000 will see

  65. Dr Zuni says:

    At the time of first run it was 1,365,334
    after 24 hours it was 1,365,569
    After 2nd run and 48 hours it was 1,396,660
    And then I stopped.
    If you could explain what could be wrong?

  66. Imran Khan says:

    I am display the adds of adsense in my website . is Google block my publisher ID ?

  67. Nam says:

    Alexa rank now is 2,271,420

  68. Pachenko says:

    can u explain.
    what is ” last 100 records are dumped”?
    is that mean that last 1oo last visit are not counted?

    • admin says:

      hi pachenko
      no that not mean that the last 100 visit are not counted that mean =dumped the last 100 visit to txt file or saved to txt file

  69. hamid says:

    today october 6th my ranking of is 25,916,802.

    lets see in a weeks time….hope for the best.

    thanks for the great tool !

  70. My alexa rank of is 773, 518. Using super alexa booster, I hope the best!
    Thanks so much for the soft!

  71. Skrewed says:

    Is this tool, mainly intended for NEW sites with NO ranking? Just asking.
    My ESTABLISHED Sights with OK ranking got worse and went up 1,000,000 in alexa ranking? 1 dead sight got a litttle better.

    I use the tool for 2 weeks, consistantly. But try to skip a day or 2, to make it look real…

    • Sherlyn says:

      Jimmythev -No, the CDS market agrees with you. And I think end of 2009 might be opittismic, however they will probably get bought instead of fold outright. – Rate this comment: 0  0

  72. bobby says:

    if i buy the upgrade model can i run this product to rank two sites at the same time?

  73. khaled says:

    Alexa rank now is/ 732,204

  74. jeweethet says:

    26-10-2010 – 12.45 AM – Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,173,405

  75. Marco says:

    Hello admin
    I have the paid advanced version but cannot use the Google referrer option.Can you advise?

  76. kuatdrat says:

    I wash trying this software.. My alexa now is24,859,729. very Fat rank. hahah… I hope can reach under 10000..

  77. xxov says:

    I’ve a question: does the SAB also load the images on the website I enter?
    Thanks for this software – I’ll start using it soon …

  78. it is 700000 few months back then went up to 57xxxxx :((
    so using this tool ..lets see.

  79. hmmm.. all user review your alexa booster with good..

    i want to try it..

    thanks bro..

  80. viterosm says:

    Software realy work? No Alexa toolbar nesessery?

  81. Peter says:

    will the software stop itself after finish? for your info i use your default proxy, i just update it through your software by pressing the update button. i am using v1.10

  82. lol u need to use better proxys i use around 100k fresh proxies a day with this program gets you goo rank

  83. Chaac says:

    I started with no rank at all, I’ve been using this software for a week, all day long, refreshing and updating the proxy list, but still I have not seen ANY results, I still don’t have a rank in Alexa, and worse, I think google bumped my rank down for some reason.
    Anyone what the hell is going on? will I soon see any kind of rank at all?

    • Chaac says:

      Finally see some results, I’m still high but never the less, I do see a rank this week of 28,212,940 hopefully it will keep dropping, thank you in advance!!!!

      • Chaac says:

        I was excited to have finally seen my score up on Alexa, but since then it has not gone down at all, it keeps going up, and I’m not sure why it’s doing that, I’ve been following instructions, anyone has a clue?

        This is a record of the progress:

        Monday, Dec 06 2010

        Tuesday, Dec 07 2010

        Thursday, Dec 09 2010

        Friday, Dec 10 2010

        Saturday, Dec 11 2010

        Monday, Dec 13 2010

        Tuesday, Dec 14 2010
        Monday, Dec 06 2010

        Tuesday, Dec 07 2010

        Thursday, Dec 09 2010

        Friday, Dec 10 2010

        Saturday, Dec 13 2010

        Monday, Dec 13 2010

        Tuesday, Dec 14 2010

      • Randi says:

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  84. mimy says:

    hi, i try to use it in my blog
    i follow your instruction.
    after start the number up and down and up.
    first it sent then the go to then then go down and now the box dissapear. i cannot see where it goes. I haven’t close it yet. So, i don’t know whether it still running or not. can you explain it to me?
    why i check in the rank is 3,477,726 but when i start this program the proxy is I really don’t understand this.

  85. my rank starts improving after using SAB..7000000 to 3500000 it is just wow 🙂

  86. pain says:

    my site is 11,423,371

    will update soon

  87. cesr says:

    today 722,7802

  88. Saroj says:

    Today My Alexa ranks 17-DEC-2010

    We’ll see next result in a couple days…
    nice software .thanks…..

  89. UrBabe says:

    Today 94,286. Using to come under 25k. Lets see.

  90. mimy says:

    rank today for my blogs :
    1. : 3,732,555
    2. : 5,664,728
    3. : 11,664,664

    see tomorrow again. hope it works

  91. mimy says:

    rank today for my blog (01-01-11)
    1. : 3,731,223
    2. : 5,034,322
    3. : 11,659,641

    It’s starting going down and seems work for me. I’ll try again again tomorrow and will report again.
    BTW, what number should i make in “user per hour” column ? everyday for the 10 days?
    I’m waiting for your reply.


  92. mimy says:

    rank today for my blog (02-01-11)
    1. : 3,755.689
    2. : 5,066.180
    3. : 11,723.221

    How come the alexa going up ? Actually do I have to run the program everyday for 10 days? in step 2, what number should I put ?
    Can you inform me in detail how to run the software ? So my alexa can go down like the other user?
    I’m waiting for your reply


  93. ebram says:

    very well

  94. pradmin says:

    2010-12-27: install ALEXA-Toolbar
    Rankings without Booster:

    2010-12-2, first Ranking: 2.316.707
    2010-12-28: > 2.315.823
    2010-12-29: > 2.315.295
    2010-12-30: 1.965.771 (!!! ???)
    2011-11-02: > 1.868.486
    2011-11-03: > 1.560.340 (!)
    2011-11-04: > 1.301.431 (!)

    since 2011-11-04 run SAB v1.10 / min. one hour each day


    2011-11-05: > 1.198.494
    2011-11-06: > 1.154.441
    2011-11-07: > 1.129.855

    more next week

  95. siva says:

    Ranking seems to increase the to lessen…

  96. sumer says:

    i’m still waiting my page rank now,i hope this software will give me the best, I TRUST U BROTHER

  97. sumer says:

    base on the software my page rank is 51089,i will comfirm my page rank again in next few days

  98. margo says:

    now alexa is 784 214

  99. 500 proxy i get 400++ unique ip 🙂 but little ask for u sir, how long the bot stay on the site? 5-10 sec? or just 1 sec?


  100. Kressly says:

    I am in ghana and paypal doen’t work in ghana. How can i buy the advanced version ? Do you accept payment trough Liberty Reserve ?

  101. Ozika says:

    Thanks for prog. I only want to learn about how many times must run the program ? And if I run it all day can occure problem ?

  102. mohammed says:

    i dont no why but ther ar no visiet in my site i oben it for 1 to 5 h
    but it is not work
    tell how i do

  103. sumer says:

    it’s work brother,tks

  104. Kressly says:

    Ok I agree admin. Where should i pay and when will i get the advanced version ?

  105. Kressly says:

    mohammed, i’ve noticed that when the port 21 is not working on you machine, it seems like it doen’t work, so change you internet provider or go to a cyber cafe and you will see the miracle.

    Oh my rank was 8,000,000 two weeks ago.

    Ah now i am at 1904000 but i can not say that it work unless i reach 10000 because it will not be anything to bring me not up to 10000.

    So if it is working or not, let me buy the advanced version, try it and if i reach 10000, i will tell you that it is working. And when me i say something is working…. it means, it is working very well.


  106. عبير says:


  107. afendie says:

    Search The Internet ( Search the net and find whatever you need. From music to fishing accessories and everything in between. Search Right Here. has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 3,683,654.

    • afendie says: has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 3,376,681.

    • Elida says:

      Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or soheimtng. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

  108. Hamish Lopez says:

    I tried to post a comment previously, yet it hasn’t shown up. I imagine your spam filter may be broken?

  109. afendie says: has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 2,478,534

  110. Mohamed Sherif says:

    i’m now use it my alexa rank is 13.701.711 .
    i will put my alexa rank after 7 days

  111. Daly Louis says:

    I have no page rank. giving it a try today.

  112. jeremy says:

    here’s my blog and it says ” NO DATA” 🙁

    can someone help me?

  113. none says:

    My alexa rank today:1.169.094

  114. Rajat says:

    I am using your product but its not boost up my website in alexa. when I was starting to use this my alexa ranking is 1176220. but after using 5 days of your product my alexa ranking is going down. now my alexa ranking is 1,224,715. so please help me how to boost up my alexa rankings by using your product.

    • admin says:

      need more time

    • Kenny Reigh says:

      Rajat the lower the alexa rankings are then the better your site. The higher it is then it means the opposite. so the lower your site rankings get on alexa the better off you are. To be in the top 100,000 websites is like being in Fortune 500 most powerful businesses. You definitely are seeking to lower it, and since it has lowered your ranking that means that it is working.

  115. 1,039,623 today…

    Hopefully break the million mark by tomorrow, lets see!

  116. JWM says:

    3/20/2011 – Rank Is 276,257

    Will update in 10 days with new (and hopefully better) rank


  117. Kenya Larive says:

    ou might have not intended to do so, but I believe you have managed to express your mind that the majority of people are in. The sense of attempting to help, although not focusing on how or where, is some thing most of us are dealing with.

    • Steffi says:

      Danke für die Hinweise, ich habe das in den Artikel aufgenommen. Die New York-Story ist wirklich unglaublich. Es gibt wohl kaum einen zynischeren Manipulator als Frey in der Branche und es ist bezeichnend, dass Spielberg und Bay auf den Zug auneusprgfgen sind – auch wenn die momentanen Zahlen es nicht so aussehen lassen, als würde “Ich bin Nummer Vier” nennenswert Wellen machen.

  118. eri says:

    using it on fresh blogs that has 18.000.000++ rank..
    will check after a week..

  119. hgn says:

    rank 781192

    hope it work out
    will submit the report if any change is noted

  120. Aarush says:

    I haven’t started this yet but its


    Will Update This Tomorrow 😉

  121. rank says:

    hi been using your program while now just tried buying your pro version and says your not accepting payments?

  122. Mike says:

    hi, i have a question. Is your software still working because it doesnt seem to work anymore seem a month. the alexa ranking goin higher instead of lower even if its running 24 hrs since 1 month. Give me some news about it please, maybe your software is block and doesnt work anymore, let me know !


  123. Skin Care says:

    just trying this tools…..

  124. Planning says:

    fantastic post.You did a fantastic work,and offer much effective imformation for us!Thank you!please

  125. thanks man 🙂 i so confused about this topic

  126. DIVA says:

    This software not work anymore. I don’t know why. Any one have the same case ?

  127. OK guys, i would like to try this software for my blog Share with Irfan | Berbagi Informasi dan Tips Blogging. Today my alexa rank is 1.753.761, I will submit my report for next 7 days..increase OR dicrease..OK !! By the way, thanks alot.

  128. wow! amazing
    thanks guys

  129. akukau says:

    b4 use the tool my alexa rank is 1.559.330.. i’ll tell than after use it…

  130. It’s work man !! This my report today my alexa rank is 1.523.471, 2 days ago 1.625.540, 6 days ago on my first report to you is 1.753.761. Thanks a lot, please visit my blog Share with Irfan | Berbagi Informasi dan Tips Blogging

  131. nnanhdieu says:

    Few day ago 130.078
    To day 124.509
    Thank so much… :* :* :* =))

  132. tanjung says:

    Thank you i hope this still working..

  133. Here is my final report, today my blog Share with Irfan | Berbagi Informasi dan Tips Blogging rank is 1.404.163. I have succes to increase my alexa from 1.753.761 just in 7 days, its so amazing ! Thank U so much..

  134. leo says:

    3.174.734 DT today… I will write a few days

  135. asdf80 says:

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 7,856,194 today. I’ll update you guys next month

  136. Megapedia says:

    Best job, the software is still working, thanks i recomand your software to all my friends

    • Henrietta says:

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  137. this one still working, but is there any chance .me will be worked

  138. NNAD says:

    working hard,
    Very thanks… !!!

  139. bertyounger says:

    Starting at 8546084, then will be do SE campaign

  140. DIVA says:

    Still not work
    I don’t know why
    it’s work before but not work anymore now.
    somebody can help me?

    • Kenny Reigh says:

      you always have to make sure you check the box (sent to all) if not it just sends hits to lrb2…also make sure your proxies are set up,and the ip addresses that sends hits. i believe the first one is the reason why though.
      just go thru the video and set all up again and learn the proceedure but you must check send to all.

  141. handi says:

    my alexa rank today is (june, 6 2011) is 365.523
    i hope after i using it my alexa rank will be good :d

  142. Gregory says:

    My alexa page rank is 18,208,872 lets see how this program will help me.

  143. abhishek says:

    My alexa page rank is 7,298,114

  144. Personal User says:

    Webmasters, best way to help alexa see these hits to your site is to put the alexa widget on the pages of your site. Then when alexa booster hits the page alexa sees every visit. This is the only way to be sure that alexa sees all visits and you get benefit. Never install the alexa toolbar on your browsers. Once alexa is installed on your computer then they know where the traffic is coming from even when you use proxies. Make sure you always use anonymous proxies. They must be checked daily (at a minimum). In a very short time proxies go bad and then leak your real IP address. Then your rank WILL drop in alexa. You must have a good proxy checker and use external proxy judges. If you make sure you have anonymous proxies “only” and install the alexa website widget on the pages you are sending hits to, then you will have success. If you install the alexa Toolbar and have bad proxies then you will have failure.

  145. cloningan says:

    I download the video and play on winamp and it’s flip

  146. Kenny Reigh says:

    above is my traffic rank on 6/26/2011

  147. Kenny Reigh says:

    My new rank within the span of 5 days went from 17,204,186 to 10,104,187
    It has dorpped by more than 7,000,000

    • Kenny Reigh says:

      My new rank within the span of 5 days went from 17,204,186 to 10,104,187
      It has dropped by more than 7,000,000 on alexa

      • Kenny Reigh says:

        That is awesome…let’s just hope that it keeps dropping at such a phenomenal rate, until it breaches the 100,000 mark.Then whoopee

        • Kenny Reigh says:

          My new rank as of about 1 week has dropped from 10,104,187
          all the way down to—–> 8,469,834
          around 2,000,000 in one week…
          If it holds up it should post me in the top 100,000 in about 2 mos.
          which is totally awesome.
          That means that as a website that would be equal to a Forbes 500 rating of the top businesses. The search engines will give you better exposure and more traffic.

  148. justdente says:

    my rank before 2 weeks ago is 22,765,332 and now 1,984,684. Incredible alexa booster tools rite 🙂

  149. Yes , i’m going to try it.

  150. kenny reigh says:

    I started out with well over 17 million sites ahead of my own. Now I am down to 4 million and some change. I really have it kicking off hits good now. My opinion is that this is an awesome tool. I dropped that amount within a month, so no doubt my rank will vastly improve to the indexing I desire.

  151. Pantas Untuk di coba,..

    I’ll try it
    I hope its work

  152. fadlybehel says:

    my alexa before use this tool 9,700.000
    lets see what its work properly

  153. admin says:

    I am happy that many people have achieved results

  154. My Alexa rank is 27955850. I will check my Alexa tomorrow. Thank

  155. river says:


  156. Bo says:

    My Alexa rank is None 😀 .
    I hope its work . Thanks

  157. Bernard says:

    Question: Can we use L3 (Transparent proxies) with SAB?

  158. DG says:

    alexa 2038878

  159. CO says:

    My Alexa rank none

  160. Hatanerde says:

    Now it is 1.006.000

    I will use

  161. Bo says:

    hmm…..not work now ?

  162. Paul says:

    my alexa today is 1,139,559 and I will update again after using the software.
    Thank you.

  163. chailit says:

    My Alexa is N/A. I will tell you again after I use this software.

  164. DIVA says:

    Not work again in my site. Anyone got better result ?

  165. DamnAccess says:

    Here is my site . My rank is 9,198,030 . lets see what happend after using [SAB]

  166. Bo says:

    I’m already boot 3 month and no results

  167. GgfDFGGGyF says:

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  168. I was less than 136k but now 184,017
    how to cheat that?

  169. best software for ranking website.

  170. justdente says:

    Blogwalking again 🙂

  171. john smith says:

    165k is current alexa n 12-5-11

  172. ibrahim says:

    i’m using the software now , i don’t know if it will increase my site rank or no , anyway do you have a proxy list for jordan country?????????if yes please tell me :

  173. freehugs says:

    My rank is 20,890,018

    I’ll update it every day with the results.

  174. freehugs says:

    A few hours later my rank is 14,363,399

  175. DIVA says:

    Hi admin…
    I want to buy advance version. I use free version since May 2010 and work well. but this software not work since march 2011. I’m afraid if the advance version have the same result.

    • Irene says:

      LOL!! I have a crazy button but it takes A LOT to get me there, I think that side has only been seen a haudnfl of times, Im sure I have lots and lots of crazy mom moments to come, better watch out! Happy Monday!

  176. Oyah says:

    Today Alexa’s Rank >> 12,119,011
    Let’s try it for my simple web … … Ty 4 ur att… HAVE A NICE DAY, EVERYONE !!!

  177. joseph says:

    greetings, how long is advisable to activate every day?

  178. stefan says:

    Hi my website was 9,598,547 when i started using. i openend 3 times the program and next day i was 3,125,321 . Now 2 weeks later i am at 1,265,123

  179. Dommel says:

    When i start “Global: 14,132,433”
    and after 4 weeks used Global: “89,433”

    thank you and keep it up

  180. I’m already boot 2 week and no results

  181. Henry says:

    Now, my website no data.
    Help me, admin

  182. VIz says:

    Is this still working? The software doesn’t get the ranking anymore since a week or so and i don’t see any more improvement when i look on alexa. Does it still working like it used to?

    • alexa says:

      Check the settings

      • VIz says:

        which settings? i didn’t changed anything, just topped one day, in march. since then no more improvement. and lots of people are saying that the software is dead, on bh forums and stuff….

        • VIz says:

          even more, when i look at the alexa rank for this website, which dropped for both 1 and 3 months, i don’t think there is a better proof that your software stopped working. what i don’t understand is why you don’t admit it’s done 🙁

        • Char says:

          bahut achcha likha hai..mujhe lagta hai ki jitna ham sabko apna sannjem..yahi soul me prem ho ..ham galat disha me ja hi nahi sakte…aur yahin to tapsya hai …

  183. Sam says:

    my alexa rank at instal. 309,126

  184. dalilbh says:

    Is this still working?

  185. Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,269,561 today. I’ll update you guys next month!!!!

  186. hoho says:


  187. Quazar says:

    hello Admin,
    We have a number of page views is about 45 pages.
    And an average of 38 minutes on site.
    Does this affect our rankings Alexa Popularity?

    thanks a lot

  188. kim says:

    Hello,please help to inform me for meaning of “1-2 horus in day”?

  189. demo says:

    3MO 2,164.000
    lets see what happens

  190. HindiC says:

    what if i leave this program running one week without stopping ? Is that good or bad ?

    • alexa says:

      without stopping ?! win server high speed ?! bad 🙁 for your website server :p

      • HindiC says:

        thanks for your answer ;), another question please answer it, how long do i have to use it, and i’m really looking forward to buy this advanced version……. how long should i use it before i see the results.

        and probably ill buy it next month, but i need some guarantees that you can show me. 😉

  191. Dan says:

    I tested this from yesterday on my site which actually lost rank from 1,244,876 yesterday now today its 1,322,207, a drop of 77 331. My rank was steadily going up before i started using this software. : (

  192. Marcuz says:

    Why is the rank going up instead of going down? Seems like the software is only making things worst instead of improving them. The program also keeps on stoping to work for some reason.

  193. Marcuz says:

    I keep having problems with super alexa booster. First it was doing the hits really fast but now it’s doing it slow. I’d like to know if there is a way to get that issue fixed and also why is that happening now? Please advise.

  194. Doddy says:

    It really works, thank you…

    شكرا عميقا

  195. Bob says:

    I started using it for a week now and my Alexa ranking has climbed every 2 days. The numbers are not decreasing they’re increasing. What should I do?

  196. wallpaper says:

    I think it works perfect, thank you…

  197. Bob says:

    the program is a roller coaster, my numbers are up and down every 2days. I’m running it everyday on 3 pc’s. You can check my stats to confirm. Do anyone provide advice on this blog? I want to try the advance system but if this free version don’t work for me so why bother right?

  198. Bob says:

    my results:
    May 15 25,156,496
    17 25,180,382
    18 189998
    20 195808
    23 167213
    24 187569
    26 271867
    28 262163
    29 192306
    30 381847
    June 1 575648
    2 584621
    3 585232
    4 527194
    5 518394
    6 25,583,654
    As you can see I used your program as you suggested for 3 weeks and I went from 25,156,496 to 25,583,654. Your program distroyed my raking. Alexa must have figured it out. If your advance system works then because of the tremendous hurt your system did to my site you should give me a free copy and I’ll try it out but I have to stop using your system. Based on my results your advance system maybe bad also so purchasing it is not on the table.

  199. Chris says:

    The program worked great for the first 4 days now when I launch the program and select update option I get a message that it can’t connect to the internet. Also it gives page not found error..Anyone else having the same issue? Is there a fix?

  200. Bob says:

    I stopped using the program and my rating went from 25 million to 9 million, which is were it was before I started using the program. Was it broke or something? Is it fixed? Can I start using it again and get positive results?

  201. cwtbgonxdyn says:

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  202. Bob says:

    hi Alexa, why won’t you assist me with super booster?

  203. Oyah says:

    I use SAB for sometimes. It looks like to be working for my free classified ads site…

  204. Oyah says:

    Looks lke to be working for my free classified ads…

  205. Still working !! and waitting for result

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  210. Lukey2 says:

    4-8-12 – Alexa – No Data – 2 Links

  211. ahmed says:

    14,195,523 Today !! and iam waiting 🙂

  212. mada says:

    today rank : 1.627.431

  213. Gopal Verma says:

    Useless software. After using this software for consecutive 3 days my ranking is continuously increasing. Before it was 182000 and now it is 188000.
    Thank you.

  214. Stuart says:

    I recommend every single one of you to stop using this software and please do not buy the advanced version as this system is no longer effective, you will end up getting your websites sanboxed. I have tried to contact the admin numerous times for information and they don’t respond. Stay away from this software because you will end up destroying your own business.

  215. my for site today 7.696.451 20.858.263 no rank 2.268.589

    and im still waitaing 😀

  216. jou says:

    true. I am a user to buy the full app but takes weeks to work very badly .. even I missing .. I stopped using it .. also communication with the creators is zero … I hope they say something about the problem.

  217. Chris Smith says:

    Can I use this software to sell traffic? I purchased the advanced version.


  218. Laurent says:

    Is someone can help me please ?
    I try free version at the moment of software but about proxies list, does it automaticcaly dowload new list ? Or must i do something to have new list from default list please ? Thanks for your help.

    • Lena says:

      This is a mistake. Anyone can easily grab the FLV file, convert it and now have the video to watch and no one gets credit or money after the donwolad.

  219. Laurent says:

    I tell you that my global rank had been increase :
    before beginning software : 21 547 000
    after 6 days : 7 622 000
    But can you help me by the question just above please ?

  220. Boadinquina says:

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    folks consider issues that they just don’t recognise about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest as well as defined out the whole thing with no need side effect , folks could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  222. Lazaac says:

    wei mangkuk ayun, mana ko admin..? :p kasar tak ucapan alu-aluan den ni..? :p

  223. This is cool stuff.
    My alexa rank before, 444.958.

  224. Mike says:

    Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
    Global 155,976
    Global Rank

    United Kingdom Flag 57,546
    Rank in GB

    Sites Linking In

  225. teapigs says:

    My buddy proposed I might similar to this site. They was completely proper. This specific publish truly built our working day. You can’t think about just how considerably time frame I needed used in this facts! Thanks!

  226. Mike says:

    Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
    Global Rank Alexa Traffic Rank
    A rough estimate of’s popularity.

    The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to and pageviews on over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1. Learn more.

    Updated Daily 52,262
    Rank in GB Traffic Rank in Country
    A rough estimate of’s popularity in a specific country.

    The rank by country is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to and pageviews on from users from that country over the past month. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1 in that country.

    Updated Daily 1,196
    Sites Linking In Sites Linking In
    A measure of’s reputation.

    The number of links to from sites visited by users in the Alexa traffic panel. Links that were not seen by users in the Alexa traffic panel are not counted. Multiple links from the same site are only counted once.

    Updated Monthly none Star(No reviews yet)
    Certified Site Metrics
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    Note: This metric is only available for sites that have been certified.

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    Note: This metric is only available for sites that have been certified.

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  227. Hi there you are sharing a very useful information. thanks

  228. mike says:’s Regional Traffic Ranks



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